USPTO Grants Microsoft “Cybersquatter Patrol” Patent, Microsoft to Step Up Action Against Typo-Squatters and Cyber-Squatters

July 13th, 2010

domain name disputeToday the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted patent # 7,756,987 to Microsoft.

The patent is for “Cybersquatter Patrol” a system developed by Microsoft for generating lists of typo-squatted and cyber-squatted domain names, determining ownership and revenue source for these domains, and blocking both cybersquatted domains and ads run on these domains.

A PDF of this new patent can be found here courtesy of – Patent # 7,756,987

The Abstract on this newest of Microsoft patents describes the Cybersquatter Patrol system;

“An exemplary method includes providing a typographically erroneous domain name, tracing the domain name where tracing includes entering the domain name as part of a URL and recording one or more subsequent URLs, identifying a domain parking service for the domain name based at least in part on information in one of the recorded URLs, determining client identification information in at least one of the recorded URLs where the client identification information identifies a customer of the domain parking service and blocking one or more domain names based at least in part on the client identification information. Other exemplary technologies are also disclosed.”

Every Internet Lawyer needs to stay abreast of these most recent advancements in the fight against typo-squatting and cyber-squatting. For more information on this new patent and Microsoft’s fight against cyber-squatting and typo-squatting check these out;

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