RapidShare Wins Domain Names Infringing on its RAPID SHARE Trademark in WIPO Arbitration Disputes

July 23rd, 2010

In recent months the Switzerland based file-hoster site Rapidshare filed more than two dozen World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) disputes. Rapidshare filed these WIPO disputes against domain name Websites that were infringing on Rapidshare’s trademark either by cybersquatting on domain names containing the ‘RAPID SHARE’ mark or by using the ‘RAPID SHARE’ trademark to infringe copyrights.

RapidShare has expanded rapidly since its founding, now it ranks among the top 50 most-used Websites on the Internet. This newfound popularity has also brought RapidShare misfortune as it has caught the attention of persons looking to profit from RapidShare’s good name and high-levels of steady Web-traffic. In light of this, RapidShare has filed and plans to continue to file (as necessary) these WIPO arbitration proceedings against the myriad of Internet users infringing on its rights.

In a statement released by the former CEO and COO of RapidShare, Bobby Chang iterated that RapidShare’s was going to aggressively pursue individuals or entities perpetuating intellectual property rights infringement against RapidShare content and against the RapidShare mark;

“We are extending our efforts to proceed against linking-sites, against so-called RapidShare search engines and against individuals who abuse our trademark to distribute copyright protected content.”

Below is a short list containing some of the domain names which RapidShare recently won through its WIPO arbitration proceedings;

• music-rapidshare.com
• rapidshareprime.net
• rapidshare-catalog.com
• full-rapidshare.com
• easyrapidsharedownloads.com
• rapidsharese.com
• rapidshare-provider.com
• rapidshare-free-download.com
• rapidshare-premium.com
• whatsrapidshare.com
• rapidshare-deposit.com
• rapidshare-accounts.net
• atrapidshare.com
• rapidsharepremiumaccounts.com
• rapidsharedownload.org

Shortly after releasing the statement against linking-sites, RapidShare search engines and individuals abusing trademark rights, Bobby Chang left his position as CEO of RapidShare. RapidShare announced that Chang was no longer deemed the right leader to successfully serve the interests of users and partners in RapidShare’s future. Acting in his stead until a replacement is found is Christian Schmid, the founder of RapidShare.

In a statement released after Chang’s departure, Schmid stated;

“We will continue RapidShare’s success story, faster and more consistently. We believe we can better achieve this goal with different leadership – for the benefit of our customers, partners and users.”

If you are threatened with a NAF or WIPO proceeding brought under the Uniform Domain Resolution Policy (UDRP) or would like to enforce your brand rights to protect a domain name or otherwise enforce your intellectual property rights, contact an Internet Lawyer today.

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