Famous Piano Maker ‘Steinway’ Loses Cybersquatting Case Against Alleged Cybersquatter

June 7th, 2010

cybersquatting caseIn news posted on June 2nd, the famous maker of pianos, Steinway, lost a cybersquatting case over control of the website www.american-steinway.com.

The case of Steinway, Inc. v. Carey Simon, is very shortly and aptly summarized at Cybersquatting.com;

“Steinway, Inc. the acclaimed manufacturer of pianos, recently lost a cybersquatting action to recover the domain name www.american-steinway.com, While the cybersquatting panel found that Steinway had a federal trademark registration for the STEINWAY way, the panel also found that the registrant of the domain name had been in the business of buying, restoring, and selling Steinway pianos for several years, and had used the domain name in its nominative sense. Therefore the panel found that the registrant had rights in the STEINWAY mark and did not use the domain name in bad faith. Thus, the panel denied Steinway’s claim.”

If you are faced with a cybersquatting case under the UDRP or the ACPA, you should contact an internet attorney specializing in cybersquatting.  You may be entitled to recover your domain name through a cybersquatting case under the UDRP or the ACPA.