Domain Disputes Alert, UFC Dismisses Cybersquatting Lawsuit Over

June 2nd, 2010

domain name dispute cybersquatting lawsuitIt appears that TheUltimateFighter website is undergoing a transition in ownership. Today if you’ve typed in your address bar it takes you, literally, to blank page that looks like a normal webpage that just won’t quite load. This is an aberration from the usual practice of domain parking, which registrars and domain owners usually employ when hosting a domain name that isn’t yet attached to content.

***Update*** transition complete, now correctly links to the Ultimate Fighter website.

The Ultimate Fighter trademark boasts a reality show, a movie ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ (2005), and a robust following. The reality show is now spanning 12 seasons. In it, viewers track the day-to-day activities of fighters who compete in a championship to become The Ultimate Fighter. Winning ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ competition grants the winner a six-figure / multi-fight contract with the UFC.

However, recently The Ultimate Fighter’s parent company, Zuffa, LLC, has been embroiled in a domain dispute battle with the owner of domain name, Anton Resnick. This could explain the lack of content on Wednesday that domain dispute was resolved. After Zuffa was granted its motion for an injunction and after reaching an agreement with the owner of the infringing domain name, Zuffa filed a voluntary dismissal asking the court to dismiss the suit with prejudice.

Zuffa’s dismissal request was terse;

“Zuffa, LLC has resolved its differences with Defendant and . . . hereby dismisses the instant action with prejudice.”

The original complaint which Zuffa dismissed on Wednesday, claimed that Resnick should be charged as a ‘cybersquatter’ under the provisions of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (15 USC § 1125(d) (ACPA).

In its complaint, Zuffa alleged that Resnick failed to use the domain name in connection with a legitimate commercial fair use and moved the court to enjoin Resnick’s registrar, eNom, from transferring the domain name to any other party. Prominent in Zuffa’s prayer for relief, was a request for a permanent injunction requiring eNom to transfer the registration of (and .net) to Zuffa.

Resnick, in an interview with, expressed that he had no plans to oppose the injunction and said;

“The issue has been resolved. ( will be transferred by the court with no contest and ( will be transferred to Zuffa as well.”

That story can be found here.

On Thursday, Judge Lloyd George approved the voluntary dismissal and ordered the case dismissed with prejudice.

If you are faced with a cybersquatting case under the UDRP or the ACPA, contact one of our cybersquatting attorneys today.  You may be entitled to recover your domain name through a cybersquatting case under the UDRP or the ACPA.

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